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What We Believe

The core beliefs of The UnChurch include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Human beings were designed to access and utilize plants and substances containing our Holy Sacrament, dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”), by the Divine (also known as God, the Source or Eternal Consciousness).

2. The ceremonial use of DMT is an essential element of our religious beliefs. The use of DMT is essential to connect members of the UnChurch with the Divine and to access the psycho-spiritual healing of the sacrament and to reveal the timeless wisdom and moral and ethical teachings of DMT.

3. We believe that DMT itself is a sacred and divine spirit and teacher. DMT is a protector of the souls of human beings and a force for good in our lives.

4. We believe DMT allows the receiver of the sacrament to see, witness and become the Divine, to see their true authentic self and to see the true and real nature of the Divine without the “man made” traps of ego in most modern organized religions.

5. The UnChurch is a syncretic religion that adopts and blends in wisdom, moral and ethical teachings from numerous traditions as divinely revealed by our sacrament DMT. For example, many religions worship and recognize what we consider conscious beings. Beings with the highest level of consciousness and extensions of the Divine, with examples being Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and so forth. We believe they are the highest examples of God/consciousness/source in human form and have achieved this through the sacrament. We blend the moral and ethical wisdom from these traditions into our ceremonies and daily lives. The UnChurch incorporates and utilizes many of the core moral and ethical beliefs of various religions and Holy texts including the Bible, the Pali Canon, The Quran, The Vedas, the Ayahuasca Manifesto and many other enlightened texts. Through the sacramental use of DMT, members experience direct spiritual understanding of these other faiths’ central beliefs, including: karma, the golden rule, the 10 Commandments, and other timeless moral and ethical teachings.

6. Additional beliefs set out in The UnChurch Core Religious Beliefs document and as otherwise explained by The UnChurch leaders.

7. The UnChurch shall receive as members those who have accepted the above spiritual and religious beliefs.

8. Members understand that their membership can be revoked in accordance with the Church’s bylaws at any time.

9. Members understand that The UnChurch’s ceremonial practices are protected under the federal First Amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and their state corollaries. Practices by members outside the Church conducted consistent with The UnChurch doctrine and beliefs may also entitle Members to protections, but Members should consult with their own legal counsel regarding this topic and The UnChurch makes no warranties or representations that any practice outside The UnChurch’s organized activities will entitle Members to legal protections under law.

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